Project Overview Map

Running project

Himalayan Care Hands Hospital second floor construction

  Background: Government health and sub-health posts are located at rural places but they are unable to provide even basic health services to the rural people due to limited resources…Read More

Proposed Project

Solar energy @ our hospital in Mainapokhari

Our hospital in Mainapokhari Proposed set up of solar panels Background :  Our NGO Himalayan Care Hands has built a hospital in Mainapokhari and it serves a full district in…Read More

Life Development Centre (LDC)

About the LDC, the Life Development Center In 2010, the LDC was founded and built by the Stichting Kumari, our long life friend Monique Derwig. The center is located 25km…Read More

Water supply project

A large portion of population still does not have easy access to adequate safe drinking water. People living in the hills and mountains still use water from springs, wells, ponds,…Read More

Agriculture project

Background The project site is  located in Dolakha and Ramechhap Districts  of the central region . The land is endowed with fertile alluvial soil and majority of people depend on agricultural…Read More

Completed Project


Objective: The main objective of this project is to serve the needy people of remote areas of Dolakha with fast and easy health facilities and reduce maternal mortality and morbidity…Read More

Mainapokhari Maternity Clinic

Himalayan Care Hands is the founding organization of the Himalayan Care hospital. The Community Hospital is located at Kabre Village Development Committee (VDC) of the Dolakha district, which lies in…Read More

Budhanilkhantha school project

On Saturday, April 25th, 2015 Nepal rocked by a major earthquake that struck the lives of people all over the country. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.8 on the…Read More

Kavre School for the deaf children

Kavre School for the deaf and hearing impaired children Project Learn, Share and Create Together In 2011 Himayalan Care Hands has visited the Kavre School for the deaf and hearing…Read More

Volunteer program in Nepal

Health Camp

HCH has its own hospital in Mainapokhari, Dolkha. Medical volunteers can be mobilized to work in health camps and hospital directly. Volunteers can get an opportunity to work in rural…Read More

Awareness Activities

These projects are conducted at basic level introducing the villagers to concepts and creative activities of Environmental Awareness and personal hygiene etc. Volunteers may also provide assistance to youth clubs…Read More

Teaching in school

Teaching in Nepali community school program targets for the international volunteers who are willing to take part in hands-on Nepali local school experience.The children attend before and after school program…Read More

Community Infrastructure Building

This is an opportunity to help in a wide range of practical village based projects. This is a nice project for the group volunteers who go to School or are…Read More

Earthquake Emergency Response project 2015

Distributed galvanized znic sheet (Jasta) in Dhading

Himalayan Care Hands people had been on the field visit to Naubise and Kunpur village of Dhading district where all the houses were totally destroyed. In support of it, the…Read More

Support for children’s home, Lalitpur

Himalayan Care Hands together with Mr. Peter Soons and Mr. Fehr Michel supported the clothes, stationery and toys were distributed to the children at the orphanage in Lalitpur on 30…Read More

Distributed clothes and medicines in Mainapokhari, Dolakha District

Himalayan Care Hands together with Mr. Peter Soons and Mr. Fehr Michel distributed the clothing and medicines in the Maina Pokhara, Dokha. More than 100 earthquake effected people get benefit…Read More

Distributed Galvanized zinc sheets (Jasta) and Stationery materials in Dolakha District

The Himalayan Care Hands team has been working with Gaby Lenz (Auf un Davon Reisen, Germany) galvanized zinc sheets handed out for the roofing of 10 school buildings, which were…Read More

Distributed Galvanized zinc sheets (Jasta) in Budhanilkantha School, Kathmandu

The school of Budhanilkhantha, Kathmandu more than 500 students are living and getting free educational, which is run by none-profitable organization. This school is also known as a “Ashram”. Every…Read More

Distributed rice and blankets in Namdu VDC, Dolakha District

Himalayan Care Hands distributed the rice and blankets to the more than 176 earthquake victim’s families in Namdu VDC, Dolakha district dated on 14 June 2015. The people were very…Read More