Dear friends and family of Himalayan Care Hands,

With the beautiful and peaceful time of christmas and new year approaching, many ask us how they can help us in 2019. We believe that the smallest gift will have a huge impact on a persons’ life in Nepal.

To give you an idea what a small gift can achieve, we have listed some examples  :

Education :

  • With 10 to 50 USD, we cover the cost for the scholarship of a student for 1 year at a government school
  • With 20 to 40 USD, we can organize activities like a music class or a dance class for a full class of students
  • With 70 USD, we can buy the school dress of a student for 1 year
  • With 90 USD, you sponsor a full supply of school material (school books, pencils, sharpener,…) for class 1 (6y old) until class 5 students (12y old) for 1 year

Health :

  • With 20 USD, you can sponsor a hygiene pack that we give for free to each visitor of our hospital in Mainapokhari (soap, handwash, towel, toothpaste,…)
  • With 50 USD, an elder person gets free health checks for 1 year
  • With 100 USD, we can cover a full year of health checks for a 6 month old baby

Projects :

More information how you can donate, can be found here.


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