Himalayan Care Hands (HCH) is a Nepali non-government organisation,initially set us as a side project in 2011 by the founding members of Himalayan Leaders and friends from the travel and tourism industry, teachers, university professors and social workers.

Since 1989, the founding members of Himalayan Leaders have been involved in many social projects and were eagerly looking forward to an official structure. Several big projects have been already rolled out under the Himalayan Care Hands governance, among them the construction of a hospital in the Dolakha district, solar energy projects, earthquake relief or a new e-library.  

Himalayan Care Hands aims to achieve sustainable development in every project by concepts like empowerment, train the trainer and long term strategy forecasting to assure every project is self sustaining after three years.

We remind ourselves every day, that even the smallest of gifts, the smallest of help will have a huge impact on Nepali people.


To improve the lives of the indigent rural people, that is particularly focus on rural women, peasants, landless people and other disadvantaged and socially oppressed strata of Nepalese society by providing them, opportunities for their socio-economic empowerment.


HCH’s mission is to improve the quality of life of underprivileged people in Nepali society, especially in the remote, rural areas. Our advantage is access to many fields of expertise in health and education through our (inter)national network which enables our ‘caring hands’ to stretch out and built local, multi-disciplinary support systems.  We work with community based organizations to achieve their goals of social justice, equality, prosperity and development. As a voluntary organization we also provide  training and workplaces for volunteers and interns from (international) schools and organizations, so that we can build up a platform for exchanging and transferring knowledge and skills.


  1. To create socio-economically inclusive and integrated modal community especially in the direct involvement of marginalized, vulnerable and social excluded people by utilizing both local and global resources.
  2. To develop and carry out health- and educational development programs for underprivileged people, mainly from remote and rural communities.
  3. To facilitate and collaborate with existing community based organizations.
  4. To encourage the awareness of the  impact of societal structure and culture on the development of people in rural areas in Nepal.
  5. To decrease illiteracy and provide (basic) knowledge and skills on the interacting effects of environment, hygiene and health.
  6. To encourage the open distance education systems in rural areas and making education accessible.
  7. To create local labor opportunities for local craftsmanship and support promoting markets of traditional craft work and garment in foreign countries.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Jagat Dahal Chairperson
Krishna Dahal Voice Chairperson
Hari Bol Sapkota General Secretary
Bikram Dahal Treasurer
Smriti Budhathoki Secretary

General Members

  • Prakash Dahal
  • Govinda Pathak
  • Nabaraj Parajuli
  • Nisha Maharjan

Advisory Board

  • Pashupati Chaulagain:- Constitution member/ Co-operative and Poverty Alleviation, Coordinator
  • Madandas Shrestha
  • Dhurba K.C.
  • Krishna K.C.
  • Praveen Pradhan
  • Navin Raj Dahal:- Enterprise and project management/ development specialist
  • Deepak Raj Parajuli:- Biodiversity, Climate change and Eco-Tourism expert

Project Manager

Dipendra Dahal Senior Program Manager

Dipendra is a great team player since day 1 as in in charge as senior program manager. He serves a strategic key role within our NGO’s project management group. He manages individual projects, and coordinates all the teams working on related projects. 

Marieke Meelen

Marieke has managed Residential Projects for young people doing their Gold Award (see www.intaward.org). She helped her groups raise money for health care and education projects in Mainapokhari (Dolakha), Banepa and Aalapot (Kathmandu Valley). She is passionate about community collaboration and together with local construction companies and teachers, she and her groups helped to build the clinic and renovate the Hanumanteshwor school in Mainapokhari. Currently based at the University of Cambridge (Ph.D. in Linguistics), she manages placements for professional English teachers and nurses who would like to volunteer in Nepal.

Michel Fehr

Michel started as a volunteer in Nepal and is now since many years an active member of Himalayan Care Hands. He is project lead for all activities related to the (Children Home) orphanage and focuses on fundraising and social awareness in Switzerland.

Peter Soons

Peter is co-founder of Himalayan Leaders and is socially active in Nepal since 1989. He co-founded Himalayan Care Hands and is project lead for several feasibility studies in remote areas. Next to fundraising in Belgium and the Netherlands, he is together with Michel, also responsible for fundraising in Switzerland.

Niels Visser

Niels worked in Belgium for five years as a manager in a not for profit organization. Today he is a project coach at Cohousing Projects. He is passionate about getting the best out of people. With hands-on help and ideas, he is eager to assist in the needs of the HCH-ngo and their Hospital in Mainapokhari.

He commits himself to support the management and medical staff of the hospital both in a strategic as an operational way.