Update Helping Hands:

Once again, we are deeply proud to express our biggest thanks to all our distinguished friends and other actively participated volunteer teams on their glorious contributions over the helpless, homeless communities survived the last earthquake disaster in Nepal. Our hearts bulge with gratification to see the cheerful faces of the survived victims who are very much happy to receive this unexpected relief funds we have distributed amongst them for their immediate rehabilitation and rebuilding the temporary shelters in this emergency hour. Now, we see the silver line of new hope and strength in their dark lives. They are slowly standing on their feet preparing themselves to cope out with the successive earthquakes and other probable natural catastrophes to be happening during the course of monsoon coming soon. All the social charities and donation help granted by our “dear friends” in this adversely harsh time are ever counted as the invaluable and priceless reward for the Himalayan Care Hands Nepal. Without this support of our friends, this momentous missionary task of this organization would have never been accomplished. Once again, we would like to remember those honorable personalities who are fully entitled to this splendid contribution made on behalf of this organization
Himalayan Care Hands
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Nepal investment bank LTD
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we believe helping is a verb

Himalayan Care Hands is offering immediate help in Mainapokhari/Dolakha and Nuwakot. Special transports have been shipped into the mountains to relieve the basic needs of people.

For example: The situation in the Nepalese mountain community of Nuwakot is very serious. About 150 families are homeless and have no access to sufficient food, medicine, blankets, clothing, soap and other personal necessities. All of them have a little rice, they can not cook because they do not have oil. They sleep in makeshift tents and still wearing the clothes from the day of the quake.

With your donations, we launched the campaign ‘1 month to 1 family’: a transport leaves tomorrow with for each of the 150 households an emergency kit consisting of, among others:

  • Rice
  • Lentils
  • Salt
  • Cooking Oil
  • Personal hygiene (among them soap, toothpaste)

This allows them to survive one month. This diminishes some significant worries to make a start again to rebuild their villages. For some families also we purchased tents because they have no materials to realize a shelter themselves.

Earthquake Nepal: how we will help

The number of deaths caused by the earthquakes in our country rise above 5,000. We fear that this number will increase in the coming weeks. Many places we have not been able to reach. Fortunately, a lot of help from abroad is arriving, to search for survivors and to provide first aid to victims of this disaster. Thousands of people, including children are homeless. There is shortage of water and medicines. Many roads are broken and some places are totally isolated.

Fortunately, our projects have suffered little damage. So our hospital in Mainapokhari’s has survived the quakes and provides now direct assistance to the victims in and around Mainapokhari and the Dolakha district. The schools in which we have projects are also still standing, but there is a lot of suffering among the families of children.

As Himalayan Care Hands we of course feel deeply obliged to contribute to the needs of others. We can quick access the situations in the area’s surrounding our projects and our staff can help with direct support. We have a network which we quickly involve to carry out the help.

Help the people and help us rebuilt our beloved Nepal by making a financial contribution to our account or on that of our sister institution in the Netherlands (see below). We have no overhead, pay our own costs and ensure a 100% spending of your valuable donation to the ones in need. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Yours sincerely,

Dhruba K.C, Chairman

Accountnumber bank: 01601030028440, Swift code: NIBLNPKT
Nepal Investment Bank Ltd., Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Projectvisit HCH Hospital Mainapokhari: changes for the good

Kathmandu, Mainapokhari, March 2015 –
A few weeks ago, a delegation of boardmembers of HCH Nepal & Netherlands paid a visit to the hospital in Mainapokhari. This urgently needed hospital was built with grants from ‘Wild Geese’ and others and opened in 2013. The main question now, almost two years later, is: can the hospital run independent, stand financially on its own?
The good news is yes, the medical staff and the management reassure us of the selfsustainability of their clinic. Although yet there is no positive financial balance, the number of paying members of the Himali Health Cooperative Society has grown significantly. These members contribute importantly to the daily operation of the clinic. On the short term it is likely that the number will rise explosively, now allied cooperatives showing interest in the hospital.
Less good news has to be written about the hygiene, or better the lack of it in the hospital. It is a real concern; the lack of resources to keep the rooms clean; and the need to train on skills and the discipline to scrupulously follow a cleaning and hygiene schedule. The environment does not help, the hospital is surrounded by beautiful nature, but consequently there are much nuisance insects. There is also no pavement around the hospital which allows dirt to enter easily.
The interviews with the medical staff made clear that they are working with a lot of motivation and a profound faith committed to the growth and success of the clinic in the future. The young doctor Nischal requests to realize urgently a surgery facility allowing simple surgical procedures in the hospital that subsequently no longer have to be carried out in distant Kathmandu. Then, according to him, the hospital is 100% sufficient for all common medical interventions.
Meanwhile, crowd funding runs steadily in the Netherlands for the expansion of the clinic with a full first floor and a private ambulance. It is expected that constructions can start still in 2015. HCH Netherlands and Nepal will closely monitor the implementation of these expansion. Also the cooperation with foundation Dhampus probably leads to a dental facility within the clinic. They already invested in medical dental camps and are providing education to one of the attending nurses.
The next project visit is scheduled for May 2015. One last thing: flight tickets, transportation costs and all stay over costs are totally paid by members of HCH themselves. All received donations, now and in the future are 100% spent on the benefits for the hospital. That’s always our promise to donors!

Visiting Together with Dr Nischal Khanal

Himalayan Care Hands Community Hospital: Mainapokhari, Dolkha ,Nepal
Visiting Together with Dr Nischal Khanal (our doctor for Himalayan Care
hands Hospital)

We consider it as a privilege to help the people with effective health care
service in remote area. We firmly believe that any patient who comes to us
seeking our expertise in care and treatment should not be deprived. Besides
this, the hospital is committed to provide medical treatment with care,
compassion and empathy.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of our community. One patient at a time
is our vision to deliver the highest standard of care through compassionate
providing the solutions. One hand is not enough to build up the mission, we
need more hands together. So every Himalayan care hands community members
and employees are committed to achieving our core values, teamwork,
compassion, integrity, and ownership.

If you are committed to these same values and are passionate about your work
and life, in general, considers joining the Himalayan care hands community
the hospital offers excellent opportunities to advance your career and achieve
your goals.

We continue to improve our systems to make the treatment less painful thus
ensuring a better level of service to the society.

One year HCH clinic

On Oct. 7th the Himalayan Care Hands hospital in Mainapokhari had it’s first anniversary. For that special occasion a group of Dutch and Belgian boardmembers, donors and their friends flew to Nepal to attend the celebrations. They were heartily welcomed by our sister foundation in Kathmandu, the Himali Health Cooperative Society and of course the inhabitants of the remote mountain village. The clinic was well managed by the new established Cooperative Society, its number of members increased which contributed in a good way to the financial self-sustainability.

With a great number of positive speeches it was memorized how difficult it was to construct and establish a clinic in this deprived region, where healthcare was almost not accessible nor available. But now, since it’s opening in 2013, the number of patients increased so much that an expansion of the clinic with a first floor is necessary. Also there is a need for an ambulance to reach patients in even more remote areas in the mountains or to take them in case of emergencies to specialized hospitals in Kathmandu. The visitors were very impressed by the activities and professional management and all are willing to seek ways to support the clinic also in the future.

Opening Himalayan Care Hands Hospital

Mainapokhari, Nepal, 7 October 2013 – After two and a half years since HCH’s original plan to built a maternity clinic in the remote mountain area around mainapokhari, the day of the opening was a fact. Although final constructions still going on, the festivities started to invite and involve the local communities in the brand new healthcare facility, located in the green valley and overlooking the several villages that will be benefit from the new services. The healthcare in this remote area is poor and with the new hospital a major problem will be addressed. With a tremendous effort from both Dutch and Nepali partners for the realization of the clinic the further management and ownership of hospital is transferred to the Village Development Committee. More information and an extensive report following soon.

Letter from the president

Namaste and welcome to Himalayan Care Hands

After months of preparations we are proud to launch our newly founded NGO “Himalayan Care Hands” on the world wide web. Our mission is simply stated to improve the quality of life of underprivileged and disadvantaged people in Nepal. Of course there are many similar initiatives in our country, but still a lot of help is needed. Still health care and education can not taken for granted, they are not a commodity or accessible like maybe in your own country. Nepal is the home of the Himalayas, also meaning that there are many rural and difficult to reach places in the country where people have little or no access to the basic facilities, like sanitation, water, nutrition. Health care and education are poor at least. Our new foundation is created by local businessmen who want to contribute to the development of their own country, to mobilize fundings and especially expertise from national and international organizations and volunteers. To literally built a better future on behalf of those who are in need of these basic facilities. Literally means stretching out our hands, to provide education and health care and co-create and learn local communities to use their own hands. So me and our team invite you to take a look around on our website, who we are, what our mission is, how we want to realize that mission in very concrete projects that are listed under our existing and future projects. What we need? Caring hands, hands that can donate, that can sponsor or even give us a hand as volunteer and participate in our project, from over there or maybe even to come here, to my beloved country and help us on the spot! A complete list of opportunities you find under How to help.

Let me thank you in advance for your curiosity to see what Himalayan Care Hands is about and what you can do to make a difference!

Samarpan Baal Kendra funding started by HCH

A team from Himalayan Care Hands (HCH) visited Barampur, a small village in the Chitwan region. The reason for the team’s visit to the village was to talk with its community about a small school they started just six months before, named Samarpan Baal Kendra (roughly translated to Community’s Children Place), to see if any help was needed and to what extent.