Letter from the president

Namaste and welcome to Himalayan Care Hands

After months of preparations we are proud to launch our newly founded NGO “Himalayan Care Hands” on the world wide web. Our mission is simply stated to improve the quality of life of underprivileged and disadvantaged people in Nepal. Of course there are many similar initiatives in our country, but still a lot of help is needed. Still health care and education can not taken for granted, they are not a commodity or accessible like maybe in your own country. Nepal is the home of the Himalayas, also meaning that there are many rural and difficult to reach places in the country where people have little or no access to the basic facilities, like sanitation, water, nutrition. Health care and education are poor at least. Our new foundation is created by local businessmen who want to contribute to the development of their own country, to mobilize fundings and especially expertise from national and international organizations and volunteers. To literally built a better future on behalf of those who are in need of these basic facilities. Literally means stretching out our hands, to provide education and health care and co-create and learn local communities to use their own hands. So me and our team invite you to take a look around on our website, who we are, what our mission is, how we want to realize that mission in very concrete projects that are listed under our existing and future projects. What we need? Caring hands, hands that can donate, that can sponsor or even give us a hand as volunteer and participate in our project, from over there or maybe even to come here, to my beloved country and help us on the spot! A complete list of opportunities you find under How to help.

Let me thank you in advance for your curiosity to see what Himalayan Care Hands is about and what you can do to make a difference!