600 fruit trees project in Mainapokhari

Deforestation in Nepal has always been a serious issue, which has a severe effect on the lives of poor people. In the past, Nepal was a widely forested nation. However now with the requirement for the extension of rural areas, migration of hills people to the plains, the developing regional interest for timber, and the local residents dependence on firewood as the essential source of energy, less than 30% of the nation’s forest cover remains. Around 70 percent of the people in Nepal work in agriculture, even if it is difficult to farm in the prevailing unfavourable weather conditions.

With our project, we want to improve the quality of life of the local families. We calculated that a total of 10 trees per family will assure a healthy nutrition addition for more then 30 years ! And we plant the trees on hilly land, that is otherwise not used and so we also stop the continuous erosion.

In total we will start with 60 families as we will plant 600 trees. Based on altitude, soil and weather conditions, the following trees were selected :

  • Kiwi
  • Nepalese Pear
  • Avocado
  • Japanese Persimmon (Kaki)

The plants are grown and transported by local companies, planted and nurtured by locals.

UPDATE : many friends want to support us and sponsored additional trees :

  1. Giorgio Dantes – Switzerland
  2. Martin Sickel – Germany
  3. Kevin Schütte – Switzerland
  4. Carine Paredis – Belgium
  5. Sonja – Viktor Maudr – Spain
  6. Juliana Brulez – Belgium
  7. Freddy Soons – Belgium
  8. Murali Nanduri – Switzerland
  9. Gazmend Xheka – Hutter Auto Gruppe Frauenfeld – Switzerland
  10. Brönnimann Alfred – Hutter Auto Gruppe Frauenfeld – Switzerland
  11. Jörg & Manuel – RG Photovoltaik Frauenfeld – Switzerland
  12. Orlando Cantieni – Switzerland
  13. Veniamin Galius – Switzerland
  14. Mathias Büchi – Switzerland

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E-Library Construction

The  Mainapokhari, Dolakha district is located in the north-eastern part of Nepal at the altitude of 2000m. The only feasible way to access this area is by vehicle over a narrow road that leads out of the Kathmandu valley for a distance of 200 kilometers, which takes the ‘express’ coach an astonishing 8 hours.

The Hanumanteshwor School in Maina Pokhari is the educational center of the region, providing primary and secondary level education, as well as university courses. A small team of dedicated teachers trained in Kathmandu delivers early morning courses (6-10am) for university students who are all working during the day, and, directly afterward, primary and secondary level education to classes with an average size of 65 students, 6 days a week. Himalayan Care Hands worked together with students, teachers, and volunteers from The International Award for Young People to renovate some of the classrooms in 2013, but much work remains to be done. After the earthquake, several classrooms, the library, and the school canteen collapsed and students have been staying in temporary bamboo rooms since then.


Together with RUNFORCHILDREN, build e-library facilities for primary and secondary school students in MainaPokhari, to enhance their learning experience and enable them to do research for their school work.


Types of activities:

  • E-library room construction
  • Furnishing of E-library
  • E-books
  • Computers with wifi router and networking management
  • Solar system

Project Plan :

Name Plate of Donation:

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Solar energy at our hospital in Mainapokhari

Our hospital in Mainapokhari

Background : 

Our NGO Himalayan Care Hands has built a hospital in Mainapokhari and it serves a full district in rural Nepal, 180km from Kathmandu. The supply of constant and reliable electric power is vital to the functioning of our medical facility. It is hampered by intermittent and limited electric supply and severe disruptions of infrastructure. A solar panel installation will make us independent of a weak infrastructure and ensure that patients can receive urgent services at all times.

Problems :

The power supply at the Himalayan Care Hands hospital undergoes constant fluctuation through load shedding and the impact of heavy weather on the power infrastructure. The  monsoon season in 2016 damaged the dam that provided hydro electric power with the result that the hospital had to run a generator for long periods of time in order to provide medical care to their patients. This was not only very polluting to the hospital environment but also extremely costly.

Solution :

A solar panel installation will make the hospital independent of a weak and unreliable power infrastructure. It would provide constant and reliable power for a facility that serves thousands of poor farming families in rural Nepal. A trained service technician will be available at all times for maintenance and repair to ensure a trouble free long term performance of this installation.

Long-Term Impact

A solar panel installation will solve our power supply problems once and for all. It means that we can more consistently and safely deliver critical medical care to the roughly more  families in the Dolakha districts. It will save lives as it means no more compromised operations or hazardous birthing because of flickering lights and non-functional equipment (x-ray machine, lab testing etc.)

Technical specification

  • 250W panel -8 numbers
  • 200AMP battery-4  unit
  • 5KVA-48V-40A  inverter -1 unit

Project Sponsoring :

The Lions club ZAANSTREEK de BANNE optioned to sponsor this highly critical and important project.

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Water supply project in Mainapokhari

A large portion of population still does not have easy access to adequate safe drinking water. People living in the hills and mountains still use water from springs, wells, ponds, canals, rivers and streams, which are mostly unsafe for drinking Because water has to be fetched from long distances after walking many uphill’s and downhill’s the use of water itself is limited to the bare minimum needed to sustain life. Continue reading “Water supply project in Mainapokhari”



The main objective of this project is to serve the needy people of remote areas of Dolakha with fast and easy health facilities and reduce maternal mortality and morbidity rate. The specific objective of this project is

  • To provide 4-WD ambulances to HCH Hospital in remote areas of Dolakha Districts.
  • To provide technical support to the staffs of proposed medical centers for fast and emergency treatment of patient.
  • To provide necessary basic medical equipments and first aid materials to health centers of project sites.


Local residents of the Dolakha Districts will be the direct beneficiaries of this project. Population of 10000 living in  Kabre VDC and whole district will get benefited by the ambulance. Whereas ambulance that will be provided to  HCH Hospital of Dolakha district will be provide direct service to 10,000 people residing at Kabre VDC and also to peoples living in surrounding VDCs of Dolakha District. Staffs of the respective Hospital of kabre VDC will be benefited with the trainings provided peoples living in that area will get fast and better health services.

Expected Outputs:

  • Reliable and professionally managed ambulance services available to people at a reasonable costs and on 24-hour basis.
  • Considerable saving of time and effort of patients and their relatives to locate and get transportation services.
  • Increased confidence of people in public healthcare services.
  • Enhanced utilization of public health infrastructure.
  • Increased institutional delivery and quality management of emergency obstetrics and neo-natal care.


Ambulances will be handover to the Himali health cooperative of Dolakha under the supervision of the respective District Health Offices (DHO). The monitoring of the ambulances thus provided will be done by the respective VDCs, HCH, Co-operative and DHO. The local community will have great role in this Ambulance project. They have role from the beginning of the project, from the identification of the need to the implementation of the project and also after the completion of the project for its sustainable operation. Hospital will form an Ambulance Service Management Committee and will operate the ambulances under this committee. They will also be responsible for the management and operation of the ambulances. Since the ambulance will be used for the quick response of the patients and also for the training and knowledge upgrading of the health personnel’s, DHO and respective HCH Hospital will be responsible for the maintenance and sustainable utilization of the ambulance.

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Mainapokhari Hospital

Himalayan Care Hands is the founding organization of the Himalayan Care Hands Hospital. The Community Hospital is located at Kabre Village Development Committee (VDC) of the Dolakha district, which lies in the central development region of Nepal about 184km distance from the east of Kathmandu valley.

Main goal of the hospital is to improve the health status of poor and marginalized people living in rural areas with special health service interventions. Imagine you break your leg, and you have to take a local bus for 10 hours, to have it fixed in Kathmandu !

On average, there are 10000 people inhabiting in that VDC. Altogether, there are 65000 people in the service area. Since we build the hospital, the average amount of visitors was 50 people/day, or every fourth Nepali visits our hospital in a year !

The community hospital is providing basic health care treatment services through its skilled medical personnel to the patients. The team is lead by a Medical Doctor followed by a HA, a Staff Nurse, a CMA, an ANM, and Lab/x-ray Assistants. A hospital management committee is formed at the local level with local volunteers who formulate rules, regulations and management systems and are responsible to monitor hospital activities for further improvements.

We are very proud that we achieved such a big project without delays and without issues and we hope we can serve the local community for many more years to come !

In the last years, we have built a second floor, solar energy, purchased an ambulance and are constantly improving our service ! Continue reading “Mainapokhari Hospital”