Agriculture project



The project site is  located in Dolakha and Ramechhap Districts  of the central region . The land is endowed with fertile alluvial soil and majority of people depend on agricultural and livestock farming as their major sources of income. Though there is good access to water, the promotion of vegetable production and the use of irrigated land is low. 50-60% of cultivable land has not been used to its optimum potential for production. Average food sufficiency has attained through self-production is only for 2-3 months and rest of the year, people are forced to buy food from the market. Commercial agricultural farming practices by local people are negligible. Majority of youth, and male prefer to work in mines as crushers or in the city as drivers or go abroad as laborers.

Beneficiaries:  Project will be focused to single women, marginalized, disadvantage and poorest people in rural areas of dolakha and Ramechhap Districts.


  • Reliable irrigation facility is not available
  • Market access
  • Small farmers size and no land management
  • Modern technology is not readily available in rural areas.


  • increasing agriculture food production and productivity
  • Ensuring food security
  • To increase the employment opportunities for rural people.
  • Conservation, promotion and utilization of agro bio-diversity through environment friendly technologies.

 Proposed Activities

  • 5 numbers of irrigation system construction for 500 Household in 30 Hector
  • 10 Km agriculture road for market access
  • Commercial agriculture farming training by expert
  • Plastic house vegetable farming construction
  • Animal husbandry
  • Cash crop cultivation training
  • Input support

Sustainability: Establishment of agriculture cooperative



Projects Facts

This project name
 Food security and livelihood support project 

Dolakha and Ramechhap Districts 

Estimated budget 
15,000 USD
Location Map
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