Christmas 2016

Dear friends of Himalayan Care Hands! This year for Christmas we focus on our beloved LDC project, our Life Development Centre. We have selected a couple of mini projects for which we would like you to help us.

Each donation, as small or large as it is, will help us put each and every project in place.

Overview of mini-projects:

Equipment needed Total cost
1. 7 new uniforms for our teachers (sari, cholo) EUR 120
2. 4 Magnetic white boards EUR 100
3. 7 new desks and benches for the dining room and the classrooms EUR 555
4. 1 new trampoline (8 foot wide) including safety net EUR 400
5. parachute game EUR 210
squeeze balls and knobby ball
lights and sounds ball set
wrist bells
aroma stone diffuser with aroma oils set
6. 1 wireless microphone with 2.5 feet high microphone stand EUR 46
7. 1 Harmonium : nepali keyboard instrument similar to an organ EUR 220
8. 2 Madal : hand drum EUR 60
9. 1 pair of rattles EUR 15


Each mini-project will be purchased in Nepal to support the local community.

We would like to wish you all, a very warm and merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Projects Facts

Project name
Christmas 2016 charity for LDC
Estimated budget
Euro 1726
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