Distributed Galvanized zinc sheets (Jasta) in Budhanilkantha School, Kathmandu

The school of Budhanilkhantha, Kathmandu more than 500 students are living and getting free educational, which is run by none-profitable organization. This school is also known as a “Ashram”. Every single student of here came from either the orphanages or poor families. The team found the situation of the main building of the school is unsafe and risk of collapsing anytime. An inspection team of engineers and architects appointed by the District Education Office has also provided ‘Red’ stickers to it as the mark of danger! So, in support of it, the team handed over the galvanized zinc (tin roof) to Swami Chandersh the founder of this Asram. They are very much obliged to have received this support and are getting prepared to built a monsoon shelter soon where the living in and teaching activities be continued.

Location Map
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