600 fruit trees project in Mainapokhari

Deforestation in Nepal has always been a serious issue, which has a severe effect on the lives of poor people. In the past, Nepal was a widely forested nation. However now with the requirement for the extension of rural areas, migration of hills people to the plains, the developing regional interest for timber, and the local residents dependence on firewood as the essential source of energy, less than 30% of the nation’s forest cover remains. Around 70 percent of the people in Nepal work in agriculture, even if it is difficult to farm in the prevailing unfavourable weather conditions.

With our project, we want to improve the quality of life of the local families. We calculated that a total of 10 trees per family will assure a healthy nutrition addition for more then 30 years ! And we plant the trees on hilly land, that is otherwise not used and so we also stop the continuous erosion.

In total we will start with 60 families as we will plant 600 trees. Based on altitude, soil and weather conditions, the following trees were selected :

  • Kiwi
  • Nepalese Pear
  • Avocado
  • Japanese Persimmon (Kaki)

The plants are grown and transported by local companies, planted and nurtured by locals.

UPDATE : many friends want to support us and sponsored additional trees :

  1. Giorgio Dantes – Switzerland
  2. Martin Sickel – Germany
  3. Kevin Schütte – Switzerland
  4. Carine Paredis – Belgium
  5. Sonja – Viktor Maudr – Spain
  6. Juliana Brulez – Belgium
  7. Freddy Soons – Belgium
  8. Murali Nanduri – Switzerland
  9. Gazmend Xheka – Hutter Auto Gruppe Frauenfeld – Switzerland
  10. Brönnimann Alfred – Hutter Auto Gruppe Frauenfeld – Switzerland
  11. Jörg & Manuel – RG Photovoltaik Frauenfeld – Switzerland
  12. Orlando Cantieni – Switzerland
  13. Veniamin Galius – Switzerland
  14. Mathias Büchi – Switzerland

Projects Facts

Project Title: Fruit tree project
Sector: Agriculture – Nutrition
Region: Dolakha
Country: Nepal
Executing Agency: Himalayan Care Hands
Sponsoring NGO: Kate, Elli, Peter Soons
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