Kavre School for the deaf children

Project Learn, Share and Create Together

Kavre School for the deaf and hearing impaired children Project Learn, Share and Create Together In 2011 Himayalan Care Hands has visited the Kavre School for the deaf and hearing impaired children in Banepa. During this visit we sponsored 10 specially designed laptops. With the advent of these devices were the children involved in their own education and learn, share and create together. They are in communication with each other and with the world (something which was previously impossible) and they have in the end view of a brighter future.

The Kavre School is an initiative of the foundation Kumari from the Netherlands and has 80 students. The school is about an hour’s drive from Kathmandu.

The children are very eager to learn all of these magical machines, including the interactive possibilities of creating and sharing photos, videos, word files and to interact with each other and the teachers. HCH also managed to build the internet which can communicate with other children now worldwide.

There is a wide range of useful (open source) programs designed for educational use. To gain knowledge of how to use these are made available on USB sticks. In 2012, HCH has developed a unique English language program for beginners and advanced, “I am in Facebook”. Besides the English language, children learn how to use social media and they are aware of the opportunities and the dangers of being online. HCH processed materials and makes them available to the participating children.

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