Mainapokhari Hospital

Himalayan Care Hands is the founding organization of the Himalayan Care Hands Hospital. The Community Hospital is located at Kabre Village Development Committee (VDC) of the Dolakha district, which lies in the central development region of Nepal about 184km distance from the east of Kathmandu valley.

Main goal of the hospital is to improve the health status of poor and marginalized people living in rural areas with special health service interventions. Imagine you break your leg, and you have to take a local bus for 10 hours, to have it fixed in Kathmandu !

On average, there are 10000 people inhabiting in that VDC. Altogether, there are 65000 people in the service area. Since we build the hospital, the average amount of visitors was 50 people/day, or every fourth Nepali visits our hospital in a year !

The community hospital is providing basic health care treatment services through its skilled medical personnel to the patients. The team is lead by a Medical Doctor followed by a HA, a Staff Nurse, a CMA, an ANM, and Lab/x-ray Assistants. A hospital management committee is formed at the local level with local volunteers who formulate rules, regulations and management systems and are responsible to monitor hospital activities for further improvements.

We are very proud that we achieved such a big project without delays and without issues and we hope we can serve the local community for many more years to come !

In the last years, we have built a second floor, solar energy, purchased an ambulance and are constantly improving our service !

Projects Facts

Hospital + facilities Mainapokhari, 
Dolhaka District
Mainapokhari, Dolakha
Construction hospital, 
first floor, 
solar energy. 
Purchase ambulance.
Himalayan Care Hands hospital + local community
Total cost 2011 - 2019 : USD 160.000
Location Map
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