Teaching in school

Teaching in Nepali community school program targets for the international volunteers who are willing to take part in hands-on Nepali local school experience.The children attend before and after school program and other educational games.  Singing and dancing are a great way to get into the spirit of Nepal. Volunteers won’t require teaching qualifications to take part in this program, just a passion for children and having fun. Children are enthusiast to learn new experiences so anything new you can offer to show them how your life works and culture differs is beneficial. The time spent in the village creates a real sense of community, you live close by, walk through the village every day, you become part of their lives for a while and with the local festivals and the occasional wedding to attend,  there is no end to how immersed you have become in village life.  New ideas and plans are always welcomed.

Throughout your placement you will live in the community with a Nepali host family, where you will experience day to day Nepali life, and can become immersed in the culture and language.

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