Update Helping Hands:

Once again, we are deeply proud to express our biggest thanks to all our distinguished friends and other actively participated volunteer teams on their glorious contributions over the helpless, homeless communities survived the last earthquake disaster in Nepal. Our hearts bulge with gratification to see the cheerful faces of the survived victims who are very much happy to receive this unexpected relief funds we have distributed amongst them for their immediate rehabilitation and rebuilding the temporary shelters in this emergency hour. Now, we see the silver line of new hope and strength in their dark lives. They are slowly standing on their feet preparing themselves to cope out with the successive earthquakes and other probable natural catastrophes to be happening during the course of monsoon coming soon. All the social charities and donation help granted by our “dear friends” in this adversely harsh time are ever counted as the invaluable and priceless reward for the Himalayan Care Hands Nepal. Without this support of our friends, this momentous missionary task of this organization would have never been accomplished. Once again, we would like to remember those honorable personalities who are fully entitled to this splendid contribution made on behalf of this organization
Himalayan Care Hands
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