we believe helping is a verb

Himalayan Care Hands is offering immediate help in Mainapokhari/Dolakha and Nuwakot. Special transports have been shipped into the mountains to relieve the basic needs of people.

For example: The situation in the Nepalese mountain community of Nuwakot is very serious. About 150 families are homeless and have no access to sufficient food, medicine, blankets, clothing, soap and other personal necessities. All of them have a little rice, they can not cook because they do not have oil. They sleep in makeshift tents and still wearing the clothes from the day of the quake.

With your donations, we launched the campaign ‘1 month to 1 family’: a transport leaves tomorrow with for each of the 150 households an emergency kit consisting of, among others:

  • Rice
  • Lentils
  • Salt
  • Cooking Oil
  • Personal hygiene (among them soap, toothpaste)

This allows them to survive one month. This diminishes some significant worries to make a start again to rebuild their villages. For some families also we purchased tents because they have no materials to realize a shelter themselves.